A Recording Studio on Wheels

The Worship Truck is truly a recording studio on wheels.  With the addition of the new Presonus Digital mixing board, we can now record your entire event on our Mac computer in wave files and then take it to the TCWM Music Studios.  There we can edit, mix and master your live CD including all graphics and duplication.  Content appropriate projects can also qualify to be aired on our world wide web radio station, TCWM Music Radio.

The Worship Truck also features sound absorbing panels in the ceiling of the truck and rear insulated wall for optimum sound quality in a live setting.

The ability to mix the entire event in a wireless environment with our Ipad insures the highest sound quality available.

This is state of the art technology for your event!  Coupled with our very competitive rates, you won’t find a better value anywhere! Call today and book your event. 770-222-5998